Original German WWII Named 1939 War Merit Medal & Award Document grouping with Pictures

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is a very nice WWII German Named 1039 War Merit Medal grouping, complete with the original award document, pictures, and more! The set is named to one Friedrich Russmeier, also known as "Fritz", and is just a great display set with some great history!

The grouping includes the following:

  • A German WWII 1939 Kriegsverdienstmedaille (War Merit Medal), complete with the original ribbon, tissue paper wrapping, and packet. The medal is in very good shape considering the age, and is the early version made of bronze. The packet indicates manufacture by Berg & Nolte of Lüdenscheid.
  • An original award document named to Friedrich Russmeier of Osterholz, and dated 1.Mai 1942. The document indicates that he was awarded die Kriegsverdienstmedaille in Berlin on May 1st 1942.
  • 2 period photographs of Friedrich Russmeier in his military uniform. It appears that he was awarded the War Merit Medal when he was still a civilian, and then was enlisted or conscripted afterwards. One of the photographs clearly shows the ribbon for the War Merit Medal above his left breast pocket.
  • A Document or proclamation from the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Armed Forces High Command) dated Juni 1944 received with the set. We assume this was collected by Russmeier while in service. It may describe the action where he was captured.
  • An original Telegram dated 17.8.46 that is apparently to Russmeier's wife, indicating that the writer has just returned from Russian Captivity, and sends his warmest regards to "Frau Russmeyer". From what we can describe, it says he was given the names and addresses of his fellow prisoners, and is briefly writing their families to let them know how they are doing.

Overall this is a great set, with lots of research potential! Ready to display!

German WWII 1939 War Merit Medal - The medal was designed in 1939 by Richard Klein and was officially adopted/established in 1940. The purpose of the Medal was to expand the award possibilities in regard to War Merit and to include actions that couldn't justify the award of the War Merit Cross or of the Iron Cross. It was awarded to both military personnel and to civilians, especially to women working in the Armament Factories.

It was suspended from a ribbon colored similar to the War Merit Cross, except for a thin red vertical strip added to the center of the black portion. When worn, it was either as a medal ribbon bar above the left breast pocket (soldiers who had earned the medal as civilians could wear it on their uniform), or with the ribbon only through the second buttonhole of a jacket. Since this was a non-combat award, the medal never incorporated swords. After 15 May, 1943, the award of this medal to foreigners was superseded by the Medal of Merit of the Order of the German Eagle

The medal was presented in an envelope wrapper. The wrapper was blue or brown with black lettering of Kriegs=Verdienstmedaille 1939 across the front. The medal itself was then wrapped in a piece of tissue paper.

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