Original German WWII MP 41 Display Machine Gun

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The MP-41 (M.P. 41, MP 41) submachine gun was developed by Hugo Schmeisser, son of the Louis Schmeisser who developed the first practical machine gun, the MP-18. At the time of development of that MP-41, in 1941, the company C.G.Haenel, at which Schmeisser was chief designer, manufactured MP-40 submachine guns for the German army. It is possible that Schmeisser decided to develop a submachine gun which was better suited for infantry use than the MP-40. For this reason, he combined the receiver, action and magazine of MP-40 with the wooden stock and selective-fire mechanism of MP-28. Haenel company produced more than few MP-41 submachine guns, which were mostly purchased by SS troops, which had their own supply chains. However, late in 1941, the Erma company filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Haenel, and as a result, Haenel company was forced to cease production of the MP-41. Only 26,700 MP-41 pattern guns were ever made, and nearly all were issued to SS, SD and police troops.

The MP-41 (M.P. 41) submachine gun is blowback operated, selective-fire weapon which fires from an open bolt. It uses a bolt with telescoped return spring guide borrowed from the MP40. The receiver and magazine are also both borrowed from the MP40. The wooden stock and trigger unit with cross-bolt button fire mode selector were taken from the MP-28.

This incredibly rare example features all original parts with the exception of the receiver. The receiver is a new made BATF approved non-firing version. The gun is serial numbered 5111 in a couple of locations and bears maker codes and waffenamts. Also, included is an original magazine that is marked:

M.P. 41

Everything is offered in excellent condition. Also included is a new made leather sling. Considering that fewer that 27,000 of these were ever produced, and that this is the very first we have owned in two decades, stating that it’s rare is an understatement.

Caliber: 9x19mm Luger / Parabellum
Weight: 3,87 kg empty
Length: 860 mm
Barrel length: 250 mm
Rate of fire: 500 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity: 32 rounds
Effective range: 150-200 meters

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