Original German WWII Miniature Salesman's Sample Army Heer Officer Store Marked Dagger with Nickel Plated Blade & Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice example of a "Miniature" Heer Army Officer dagger, which have been observed from several different makers. This example is not marked on the blade, as with others we have seen before, and the blade is also nickel-plated, which would help keep it looking shiny after it was handled by prospective customers. Often referred to as "salesman samples", there is definitely debate over the purpose of these miniature daggers, which are quite useful as letter openers as well. They are constructed much as the full size daggers, with all parts scaled down accordingly. We assume they may have been distributed to potential customers as a form of "advertisement" for the firm. We have uploaded a photo of this item next to a full size dagger (not included).

The celluloid grip of this miniature dagger, as with the full size daggers, has faded to a nice amber color, caused by light exposure. It is in very nice condition, showing the correct spiral pattern, and does not show any chips or cracks. The guards look to be plated aluminum alloy, which was then plated and antiqued, giving them a lovely dark tarnished patina. The crossguard has the standard "Spread Wing" Heer Eagle over a wreathed mobile swas (hook cross), with the bird looking to the left, with the rear side smooth. Both ends of the crossguard terminate in scroll finials. The pommel fitting is still attached to the tang tightly, and shows the iconic "oak leaf and acorns" motif going around the entire circumference. The grip ferrule looks to be plated non-magnetic alloy.

The blade is in very good condition, still retaining almost all of the nickel plating, showing just a bit of wear through on the tip and edges. One side of the blade is etched with POSTEL, and the other with KÖLN-HBG., which we assume is a company located in borough of one of the districts in Köln (Cologne), probably Höhenberg. We have not been able to find any information on this company, and leave it as a great research project. The dagger is mostly solid, with just a bit of wobble in the grip.

The included scabbard is plated non-magnetic alloy, which is now tarnished except where protected by the cross guard. It is in really great shape, with lovely pebbling on both sides, and the correct oak leaves on the hanger ring bands. There is a chain attached to the two hanger loops, but we do not know if it is original.

A very interesting miniature Army Heer Officer dagger, ready to add to your collection!

Blade Length: 5"
Overall length: 7 5/16”
Crossguard: 1 3/8”
Scabbard: 5 3/8"

The German Army (Heer) first carried a dagger beginning in 1935. The weapon was worn in lieu of occasions not demanding the wearing of a more formal sword. The dagger design was quite attractive featuring silvered heavy fittings with white or colored grip. The crossguard depicted a Wehrmacht open-winged eagle clutching a wreathed swas.

The pommel depicted oak leafing around the outer circumference. The scabbard had panels of pebble designs. Later produced examples were plated with nickel, and late war-made pieces were unplated, finished in a gray color metal. These daggers are often encountered with an aluminum portepee.

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