Original German WWII Military Mail Field Post Flag 24" x 21" - Deutsche Feldpost

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Feldpost is the German military mail service. Its history dates back to the 18th century in the Kingdom of Prussia during the Seven Years' War and War of the Bavarian Succession and has existed ever since in different forms and shapes.

During 1937-39, the German Wehrmacht had a military mailing service that provided free postal services within Germany. On September 3, 1939, the first changes to the service occurred. Postcards and letters up to 250 g including newspapers could be mailed free of charge by the German para-military and military organizations. Later in 1939, packages weighing up to 1000 g were included at the nominal rate of 20 Reichspfennig fee. All German military branches had its own organic postal administration in charge of receiving and delivering mail. For Feldpost offices closest to the combat zone a mobile facility usually processed mail for all military branches.

In 1940 further changes were introduced followed through the rapid conquest of Europe. Eventually a series of postal agreements were set up between Germany and the occupied countries providing an extended usage of Feldpost service. Countries such as the Netherlands had close to 50,000 pro-NSDAP volunteers that during the course of the war used the Feldpost service. Eventually these postal agreements were settled between Germany and other countries, including neutral countries such as Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Turkey, which had volunteers within the German forces.

This is a very nice "cut off" example of a German WWII Field Post flag, used to note the direction and location of the nearest office. Measuring 21" W x 24 "H, it is single sided, and made of what we believe is dyed woven cotton. It is marked with Deutsche feldpost in German "Black Letter" typeface surrounding an NSDAP Reichsadler (national eagle), with an arrow at the bottom pointing towards the nearest office.

Condition is quite nice, though there is some fraying at the edges where it was cut, probably from a larger piece of fabric. We would assume that the flag was never completed, which is why the top and bottom are not hemmed, though it is possible that a USGI cut it off from where it was hung.

Very rare and ready to add to your German WWII Flag collection!

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