Original German WWII MG 34 Parts Set, Display Machine Gun, Transit Chest, Spare Barrels and Accessories - Dated 1941

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is an Original MG34 Light Machine Gun Parts Set assembled on a legally rebuilt MG 34 de-milled receiver to a Non-Firing 100% legal display Status. The display gun is in excellent shape with the barrel jacket and top cover displaying matching serial number 2708. Numbers on other components vary, and the set displays Waffenampt proofs on many components.

The barrel jacket is marked:




This indicates manufacture by Waffenwerke Brünn AG, Werk Brünn in 1941, making this an excellent early war example.

The top cover bears maker code 963, indicating maker Johannes Grossfus, Döbeln/Sachsen, a manufacturer of small arms.

The tripod is an early war type with the center adjustment knob, and is marked dfb 1941. This is the maker code for Gustloff-Werke, Waffenerk Suhl.

Rare Bakelite butt stock is the most desired type having metal reinforcements on both toe and heel. In addition to the display gun we include all the internal parts, bolt, springs etc, that are not required and no longer fit into the totally de-milled and welded up display receiver.

The custom fitted wood case contains three steel barrel carriers each containing a spare barrel for the weapon making 4 barrels in all including the one inside the gun. Also included is an original German WW2 leather sling and a leather mounted "Presstoff" (artificial leather) Armorer's pouch containing:-

• Spare MG 34 Bolt, complete
• MG 34 Anti Aircraft Spider Sight
• Broken Shell Extractor
• Original Oil Can, missing nozzle
• Take down tool
• Hot Barrel Pad
• Double ended wrench.

Wonderful to display it should be noted that the parts set does not have fully matching numbers and the original wood transit chest has a slot for a fourth spare barrel in carrier that we do not have. Complete matching sets, if available, run in terms of over $10,000, this is a great deal on a nearly matching complete set.

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