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Original German WWII MG 34 Display Machine Gun - Marked ar, dated 1942

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Item Description

Original Item: Only One available. This is an original WWII issue MG34 display machine gun. It is coded along with multiple German wartime markings and has multiple waffen amts. The barrel jacket bears a clear serial number, along with Waffenampt and maker code ar 42 for Mauser-Werke AG, Werk Borsigwalde, Berlin-Borsigwalde Eichborndamm [19]42. Also marked on the top cover, with maker code for Johannes Grossfuss, Doebeln/Sachsen and Waffenampt proofs. This his is a very fine example of the most prolific German issued Light Machine gun of WW2.

Comprised of entirely original WWII parts; this weapon has been rebuilt on an partial original WW2 re-welded de-milled receiver along with a new made section. the receiver is without internal parts, in fact the entire internal cavityhas been replaced with solid steel bar-stock.

The original ventilated barrel jacket retains nearly all of the blue/black finish, and bears multiple German proof marks. Comes complete with early style adjustable bipod, and an original wood butt stock in good condition. The bipod is marked dfb 43 for the Gustloff-Werke, Waffenwekr Suhl, production 1943, complete with proof marks.

An excellent display MG 34 LMGs and one the very last we have to offer just perfect for your collection.

Note: as these were in service post war, some components may display Yugoslav and/or Israeli stock markings in addition to German wartime markings.

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