Original German WWII MG 34 Display Machine Gun by Waffenwerke Brünn with Belt Drum Dated 1943 and Anti-Aircraft Mount

Item Description

Original Item: Only One available! This is one of our original WWII issue MG34 display machine guns. It is coded along with multiple German wartime markings and has multiple Waffenamts. It bears original crossed out serial number 3640/ a on the barrel jacket, along with dot / 1945 for manufacture by Waffenwerke Brünn in Czechoslovakia. This factory was the famous Zbrojovka Brno in Brno, Czechoslovakia before being captured by Germany during WWII. The top cover bears original serial number 3640 and there are serial numbers and German proof marks on many other parts of the display gun. There are some great markings on this very fine example of the most prolific German issued Light Machine gun of WWII.
Comprising of nearly entirely original WWII parts, this display gun was reconstructed using a BATF approved receiver with 30% totally replaced with solid  steel square bar stock, making this an inert non-firing display gun. It also comes complete with a green painted basket belt drum, which is marked h.q.u. 43, for 1943 manufacture by Markes & Co., K.-G., Metallwarenfabrik u. Apparatebau (Metal goods factory and apparatus construction) of Lüdenscheid. With the Green color, we assume it was intended for the European Campaign. We have not had these available for years!
The top cover and latch are both marked with clc, the maker code for Richard Ab. Herder of Solingen, a maker of cutlery and tools in the legendary "City of Blades". The feed tray is marked with cof for Carl Eickhorn, a legendary manufacturer of edged weapons, and a known maker from Solingen, the legendary "City of Blades". They also manufactured other top cover components for the MG 34 and 42.
Front and rear sight still flip up and function correctly, there is an anti-aircraft spider sight attached to the front in good condition. The rear wooden butt stock is in good condition, with minor cracks, and some great period wear. The fittings for the butt stock are all marked.
Please note that there are various post-war markings on this display gun, in addition to the German WW2 markings. Many of these were acquired out of Israel, so many parts may have markings in Hebrew and "Star of David" proofs.
The MG34 is mounted on a Bundeswehr NHW 1/64 marked anti-aircraft tripod. This is a collapsible, fold away A.A. tripod used by "on the move" infantry units. Normally found with MG3s, they could also be used with the earlier MG42s, MG34s and MG13 LMG. A sturdy platform for use or display. The tripod is in excellent condition.
A fantastic display MG 34 LMGs and one the very last we have to offer, just perfect for your collection.
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