Original German WWII MG 13 Double Trommel Magazine Carrier- Dated 1936

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available This is something one just never sees. The gun was rare and short-lived being introduced covertly in 1931 in violation of the Treaty of Versailles and superseded very swiftly by the MG 34. The MG 13 was only ever adopted by Germany and Portugal in 1938 and it saw lots of action in WW2. It differed from the MG 34 in that it was not belt fed but used a 25 round box magazine making it very mobile. However, it also took a 75 round trommel magazine similar to the MG 15 aircraft gun.

The Mg 15 Trommel Magazine differed from the MG 13 although the principal of using two reservoirs of ammunition alternately drawing from each was the same. Both magazines required special carrying frames, the MG 15 frame carried three magazines per unit while the MG 13 frame being a more awkwardly shaped magazine carried only two.

This is an Original MG 13 Trommel Magazine frame designed to carry just two 75 round magazines. It is in fine condition, complete with carry handle and is marked with manufacturer's logo and the year date of 1936. Exceptionally rare, this item is ready to add to any German WW2 collection.


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