Original German WWII MG 13 Display Gun with Accessories

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a stunning original German MG 13 non-firing dummy gun with a very large set of accessories. The MG 13 was the standard light machine gun of the Wehrmacht from 1930 through 1934. The design, which was adapted from the Dreyse machine gun of World War One, is simple and rugged. From the tactical point of view, the Germans considered that the LMG they wanted had to be belt fed with a quick barrel change feature, which led to the MG 34 being adopted. Nevertheless, the MG 13 saw widespread use as a second-line light automatic. Some countries, for example Great Britain, had fine success using a magazine-fed gun as their basic LMG (the BREN gun), and the United States had good success with the BAR in a similar role.

The MG 13 DID have a relatively rapid barrel change feature, which permitted sustained firing over longer periods of time, but it was a little more involved and time consuming than the MG 34 and BREN. The BAR, of course, did not feature a quick-change barrel at all. In order to support the MG 13 in the sustained-fire role, each fire team was supplied with extra barrels. A set of two extra barrels in an original carrier is provided as part of this offering. The barrel carrier also houses a long-reach broken cartridge extractor and a cleaning rod.

Many of the photographs one sees of MG 13s with troops show the blank firing adapter in use. This offering also includes a special blank firing barrel in its own carrier and a blank firing adapter in its steel soaking case. A wrench is included for installation, along with an instruction manual.

Among several other accessories, this set also includes an original Sustained Firing Equipment. This set allows the gun to be pinned to the ground with a three-point set up, with a graduated traversing arc and graduated elevation mechanism for accurate long-range fire.

This package is as complete as we can make it, and it represents virtually all the equipment an LMG squad would have been issued to support the gun in training and in combat.

The all-original accessories include

• Original sling
• An original, beautifully made, magazine loader.
• Steel flash hider in soaking container.
• Double barrel carrier with two extra barrels, the cleaning rod, and a

long-handled ruptured cartridge extractor.

• Eight extra magazines in canvas chest carriers with neck strap.
• A training barrel in its steel carrier.
• A blank firing adapter in its steel soaking case.
• A combination tool.
• A sustained-fire set. This equipment provided stable long-range fire with the MG 13 and MG 34 before the elaborate Lafette was introduced.

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