Original German WWII Medic Issue Tornister 34 Cowhide Backpack with Shoulder Straps - Dated 1938

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Original Item. Only One Available. This cowhide-covered rucksack was known as the Tornister (Knapsack) Model 34 (developed in 1934), and were issued quite frequently to mountain troops and others. The design was later changed in 1938 to have shoulder straps that interfaced with the pistol belt as well as the bottom of the pack. As the war progressed the design was simplified for economical and practical reasons so the cowhide cover was eliminated making these packs especially scarce on today's collector market.

The pack measures approximately 11"W x 12"H x 4 1/2", and still retains almost all of its original parts. What makes this example really great is the 3 3/4 inch wide circular painted leather medic emblem on the back of the patch. We have examined the stitching and condition, and this is definitely an original WWII issue example.

The pack itself is maker marked and dated near the shoulder straps, and on the straps themselves, with the same marking:


Condition is very good, especially considering the age. The fur on the cowhide is still almost completely intact, though the leather border around it has degraded over the decades. The shoulder straps are complete and intact, though the leather is quite dry and cracked in places. The side straps that connect to the bottom of the pack are also still present. The interior of the pack is in great shape, and complete, with a faded ink stamp on the inside of the "top". The various buckles and straps all look to be present.

A very nice and rare example of a Medic's Tornister 34 Backpack, ready to display!

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