Original German WWII Mauser k98k Schießbecher Grenade Launcher Complete Set with Leather Case

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very scarce accessory set for the K98 rifle, consisting of a Grenade launcher, sight, and two spanners, all contained in their original issue leather case. We have had several of these in the past, but they were missing the sights and spanner. Complete sets are extremely rare, especially when the sight has an intact and functional spirit level!

The launcher retains its original finish and has a manufacturer stampings and an Waffenamt inspection stamp on the barrel. The base clamp is marked with G.Gr.Ger., short for Gewehrgranatengerät (rifle grenade device). Below this is maker mark eom, for H. Huch, Metallwarenfabrik, Nuernberg. The barrel clamp functions correctly, turning smoothly, and the barrel unscrews correctly.

The spanners fit the launcher nicely, and is able to unscrew the launcher for reloading and cleaning.

The hard to find rear site is complete and functional as far as we can tell. It adjusts correctly, with an intact leaf spring and clamp and even has an intact original spirit level. It is Waffenampt proofed on the interior, next to serial number E 5081 and maker code euh, for C. u. W. Meinel-Scholer, Klingenthal in Sachsen. This company is most known for making LP42 flare pistols.

The case has original strap and all internal fittings, with manufacturer code, date and Waffenamt: dkk / 43. This indicates manufacture by leather working firm Friedrich Offermann & Söhne of Bensberg, who made numerous holsters during the war. The condition of the case is very nice, retaining almost all of the finish, with just a bit of wear and age.

This is a very hard to find set for the Kar98k, especially when complete! Ready to add to your collection and display!

As of 1942, an attachable rifle grenade launcher called the "Gewehrgranatengerät" or "Schießbecher" (shooting cup) was introduced that was developed based on rifle grenade launcher models designed during World War I. The 30 mm Schießbecher cup-type rifle grenade launcher could be mounted on any Karabiner 98k and was intended to replace all previous rifle grenade launcher models.

The rifle grenade launcher could be used against infantry, fortifications and light armored vehicles up to a range of 280 m (306 yd). For these differing tasks several specialized grenades with accompanying special propelling cartridges were developed for the 1,450,113 produced Schießbecher rifle grenade launchers.

The rifle grenade propelling cartridges fired a wooden projectile through the barrel to the rifle grenade that upon impact automatically primed the rifle grenade. The Schießbecher could also be mounted on the Karabiner 98a, G98/40, StG44 and FG42.

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