Original German WWII Maschinenpistole 40 / MP40 Leather Sling

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is totally original German WWII manufacture, and was taken off an MP 40 in the 1980's from a Government Sale of Machine Guns. Complete and absolutely original.

Comes complete with just TWO holes to the other end of the sling with its original steel "collar button" in place. Original cross hatching is still visible in areas on the sling, and the original keeper loop is intact. The leather "scratch guard" on the back of the buckle is present but separating from the buckle.

This sling is similar to the K98 sling in many ways including the length but the biggest difference between them is the holes. The K98 sling has 3 holes and the MP40 has 2 holes. The 2 holes of this WWII sling allows for buttoning the sling together with the distance between them longer. Markings were also similar to the KP98 slings however the MP40 also included the designation “MP38 u. 40”. This example does not have any markings still visible. This is a highly desirable accessory for any original MP40 display gun or parts set, which now command quite a price on the market.

Ready to be fitted to your Mp40 and display!

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