Original German WWII M41 Luftwaffe Blue Tornister Backpack with Shoulder Straps

Item Description

Original Item. Only One Available. Derived from the Model 1931 used by Mountain troops, the M41 Tornister (Knapsack) Backpack or Rucksack also completely replaced the Tornister 39 in tropical zones. Later in the war it became the standard pattern used by all parts of the Wehrmacht.

This is a very nice example of the Luftwaffe version of the Tornister M41, in the correct blue color, with gray straps and buckles. These are very close to the Army Heer Model, except for the color and pocket configuration. Some types were designed to interface with the Y-straps and A-frame, however this type is a standalone pack. It is maker marked and dated on the back between the shoulder straps:


Condition is very good, especially considering the age. The shoulder straps are complete and intact, and are the type permanently attached to the rings. One side has a spring clip attachment, while the other has the iconic German Quick Release hook. The interior is very nice, with the expected wear from age. All pockets and compartments look to be intact. The various buckles and straps also all look to be present.

A very nice and rare example of a Luftwaffe M41 Tornister Backpack, ready to display!

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