Original German WWII M40 Refurbished SS Battle of Kharkov Chicken Wire Half Basket Camouflage Helmet - Stamped EF68

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is a fine example of totally original Model M40 M-1940 German WW2 large size 66 helmet shell, refurbished by a master German camouflage restorer. The shell is stamped E.F.66, indicating that Emaillierwerke AG, of Fulda, Germany manufactured it. It is also stamped with lot number 21962 under the rear skirt. Size 68 is a MASSIVE size that can accommodate liners from 60cm to 61cm or US 7 1/2 to 7 5/8. Size 68 shells are much harder to find and are therefore more valuable to a collector

Notable history of the WWII M40 SS Battle of Kharkov Chicken Wire Half Basket Camouflage Helmet-
- During WWII many of the Elite SS units that would later see action in Normandy were utilized during the large offensive against the Soviet Union.

- Later in the campaign around the time of the Third Battle of Kharkov, forces under Erich von Manstein, adopted a "fluid defense" that led them to many victories. During this time they started using camouflage for their helmets, based on the foliage and terrain in Ukraine and Southern Russia. Manstein however eventually disagreed with der führer on strategy as the German forces began to be overwhelmed, and was relieved of his command.

- While Camo helmets worn by the SS come in a variety colors and schemes, most agree that the units in Russia used a paint scheme that was a blend of greens compared to Normandy where the greens with some red brown were predominant. This example has had a heavy wire put around the shell, with chicken wire strung across the crown. This allowed additional items such as fabric and foliage to be attached, improving the camouflage profile. As with the originals, any decals present were painted over.

- This style of camouflage was also used by the regular Heer Army troops that fought together with the Waffen SS, and examples could be found throughout the Eastern Front.

- This helmet represents those worn by the SS units that served in Southern Russia in the battles of 1942-1943.

What does refurbished mean? While the shell is 100% genuine WWII manufacture, we have tasked, perhaps the very best German Helmet restorer in the USA, to customize this helmet. Every detail is hand done, with the finest materials including a hand painted shell, with a hand hand aged high quality reproduction liner. Please know that the paint, liner and chinstrap, while they look totally original are all new and the helmet has been refurbished to look as if it was picked up off the battlefield by a USGI and brought home as a war trophy.

This helmet is one-of-a-kind there will never be one exactly like it, making it a true collectors piece that will do nothing but appreciate in value in the coming years. This is a rare opportunity to own a genuine WWII German Helmet for a fraction of the cost of one with original camouflage paint.

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