Original German WWII M38 Luftschutz Beaded Gladiator Air Defense Helmet- Complete - Dated 1938 - 1st Year Production!

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a nice original example of a 1st year Production, 1938 Dated M1938 Beaded Luftschutz Gladiator German Helmet. The exterior of this German helmet retains almost all of the original dark blue paint, with only light overall wear and some small dents. The helmet still has all three of the original liner attachment split pin rivets, with fully intact paint. The Luftschutz decal is clean and is one of the better ones that we have had in recent memory, at about 85% complete! It just has a few small chips.

The inner skirt is maker marked with stamping into the steel with RL2 - 38 / 28. These markings would seem to indicate that the helmet was made in 1938, though we do not know if any specific records were kept of the maker. The original Luftschutz size decal is completely intact as well and reads:

Vertrieb genehmigt
gemäß § 8 Luftschutzgesetz
Kopfweite 56

This translates to: Distribution approved according to Section 8 Air protection legislation. Head Width 56.

The liner in this helmet is the early pattern which closely resembles the liner used in the M-1916 Helmet, with three pads fitted with pockets for lining material. The Liner leather is dry, with one pad being torn. The leather chin strap is also present, and in intact, unbroken, condition.

Overall a very good condition German WWII M38 Luftschutz helmet. Ready to add to your collection and display!

Formed in late 1932 the Deutsches Luftschutzverband, (German Air Protection League), was a voluntary organization designed to provide civil air raid protection in large civilian centers. Shortly after AH ascension to power the Deutsches Luftschutzverband was restructured and placed under the supervision of the Reichsluftfahrtministerium, (National Air Ministry), under the control of Hermann Göring. On April 29TH 1933 the Deutsches Luftschutzverband was renamed RLB, Reichs Luftschutz Bund, (National Air Raid Protection League) and was given status as an official national organization tasked with all aspects of civil air raid defense. The RLB remained a voluntary organization with a small cadre of paid, full-time uniformed officials to oversee the organization's functions until June 1935 when obligatory service was introduced. Only the most basic uniform and equipment items were supplied to the cadre personnel, with the rest having to be bought personally by members. On September 26TH 1938 a specific helmet for RLB personnel was introduced that incorporated a raised horizontal "bead" between the visors and crown. These helmets commonly called the "Gladiator" style were supplemented with M35, M40 and M42 helmets that also incorporated a raised horizontal "bead" between the visors and crown. The Luftschutz also utilized a variety of captured helmets.

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