Original German WWII M24 Stick Grenade Case Dated 1940 with Packing Labels, Internal Rack and Grenades

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a truly excellent condition 1940 dated original German World War Two stick grenade carry case, complete with internal rack for transporting 15 Model 24 Stielhandgranate (Stick Grenade / Potato Masher) Stick Hand Grenades. The case still retains all original features including wood carry handle, cross locking system, and has original paint with black stenciling on the exterior. On this case, is a stamped logo of D Z in a circle over a date of 1940 on the lower left corner of the case, under the stenciling. Next to this there is a stamped Waffenamt inspection mark, as well as a stamped inspection mark above.

The packing details for this chest are contained on paper labels, one set on the outside of the case, and one on the inside. These indicate that the case is for 15 Stück (Pieces) Stielhandgranate 24, and that it was packed on 30.5.1941 (May 5th 1941). The Red and Green labels indicate additional information, but unfortunately they cannot be read due to damage. The White label on the inside indicates:

Zum Gebrauch
15 Bz. 24-4 1/2  Sek.
15 Sprengkapseln Nr. 8

This indicates that the package was filled with 15 Stick Grenades, and 15 detonators, which had to be placed into the grenades before they would be "live".

The internal rack is in good shape, and unlike most we have had, it retains the grenades using 1/2" wide flat springs, compared to the wire style springs usualy used. It doe have some missing prongs, and has suffered rust damage, however it is still solid and looks great!

Also included are 15 reproduction M24 grenades, considered by most to be the very best on the market. Our replica stick grenades sell for $34.95 each so fifteen of the equal $525 in combined value.

An amazing set with an early war date of 1940, offered in very good condition: they don't come much better than this! 

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