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Original German WWII M24 Stick Grenade BZ 24 Ignition Fuze - Inert

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Original Item: Very Few Available. These are genuine Bz24, (Brennzünder 24 (B.Z.24), friction igniter, pull type designed for use in the German WWII Model 24 stick grenade. These are perfect for replacing or upgrading any original or even our reproduction M24 stick grenade.

Brennzünder 24 can be loosely translated as "Burning fuse, Model 1924". It is a waterproof metal detonator with a fixed burning time of 4.5 seconds.
The igniter consists of a lead tube connected to a threaded alloy metal fitting by a steel tube (covered in red or black lacquer in the picture above). The steel tube is threaded on both ends and contains the powder delay pellet. The lead sheath contains a copper capsule which holds the friction composition. A friction wire is coiled to provide resistance to pulling and is joined to the pull loop. The pull loop extends through the lead tube, which is flattened or pressed together at the upper end, thus preventing the loop and friction wire from being freely and inadvertently withdrawn. When the loop is pulled, it frees itself from the soft lead tube, drawing the friction wire through the friction composition contained in the capsule. The resulting flame ignites the delay pellet. When the delay pellet burns through, it ignites a fuse or a detonator attached to the fitting. The pellet used with the stick grenade had a delay of 4,5 seconds, accuracy was +/- 0,2 seconds. The delay time was printed on the body of the fuse with the text "4.5 S". The end of the Brennzünder was threaded on the outside to accept the Übungsladung 30. The colored lacquer applied to the end and center of the BZ24 was meant as a protection against moisture. The color had no significance.

The Brennzünder 24 came in boxes of 15, sealed with wax or tape. Early boxes were copper-plated steel, second generation boxes were steel painted green and the third generation boxes were made of waxed cardboard. "Verzögerungsröhrchen" translates to "Small delay tubes", and "mit weicher Abfeuerung" means "with soft firing". The last text is a warning found on boxes manufactured from 1942 and on wards. When the cord was pulled this igniter would give no hint if it did in fact fire or not (but it would fire). To hang on to the grenade to see if it worked was not a good idea!

Up until 1936 the Brennzünder 24 was shipped with a threaded cap covering the hole that the Sprengkapseln was inserted into and protecting the threads for the Übungsladung 30. This detail was listed as "being discontinued" in 1936.

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