Original German WWII Luftwaffe Signal Corps Model FF33 Field Telephone - T1 Morse Code Key - Nachrichtentruppe Banner

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-kind set. This is an original USGI bring back grouping that consists of a Model FF33 Telephone and Morse Code Key and a Signal Corps Banner. The Signal Corps or Nachrichtentruppe, in the sense of signal troops, was an arm of service in the army of the German Wehrmacht and Waffen SS, whose role was to establish and operate military communications, especially using telephone and radio networks.

The feldfernsprecher 33 (FF33) was the standard field telephone of the German military forces of WWII. It is a general purpose field telephone designed for wired communications. It was introduced in 1933 as a modern replacement for the previous WWI legacy field telephones the last of the series being the feldfern-sprecher 26 (1926). The FF33 can also be connected to the Torn. Fu. D2 and Torn. Fu. Bl, and F series radio sets to act as a remote handset. The telephone is 28 x 21 x 10cm and weighs 5.84 Kg with batteries installed. This 1942 dated telephone appears to be in complete condition but we cannot verify its functionality.

The WWII German Morse Key T1 was typically associated with Luftwaffe signal corps crews, this example has a rubber base to prevent slippage during communications, a bakelite body and appears to function perfectly.

The heavy linen double sided banner with wood dowel ends and leather trim measures 18" x 18". It is in very good condition with the exception of one corner on the reverse side. It appears to have been designed to be rolled up as evidenced with a leather tab that will secure it in a roll. Most likely a small banner used to hang in camp so the command would know where communications was at any given moment.

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