Original German WWII Luftwaffe Portable Model K32 GWB Barracks Radio by Siemens - Serial 4468

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The NSDAP recognized early on that radio would be a very effective propaganda tool as the spoken word was more influential than the written. When AH came to power, Germany's national radio broadcasting system was quickly taken over by the Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. A special department, the Chamber of Radio, was created, and it pushed manufacturers into producing an inexpensive radio that the average person could afford. This way the Ministry could reach more people. The Wehrmacht (Armed Forces) also recognized the influence of the radio, so commercial radios were provided for some units.

This is a nice example of one of these early Luftwaffe radios, which are very rare. This is a Siemens model K32 GWB barracks radio, with long and short wave capabilities. It is marked with serial number 4468 by the top handle, and was most likely manufactured for the Luftwaffe in 1942 based on the data labels. It appears to be complete, with internals minus batteries, plus instructions on internal reverse side door. It has a Super-Heterodyne IF-Frequency of 468khz, 6 AM tuned circuits, moving coil dynamic speaker, and ability to be powered by battery or wall outlet.

It measures 12 1/8" tall x 17 3/4" wide x 7 1/4" deep. It still retains the original deep grey/blue Luftwaffe paint over multi-panel hardwood construction, with finger corner joints, and molded black Bakelite and metal fittings.

The cabinet is in good condition with some damage to the paint and wood due to age and wear. There are a few chips out of the wood. The doors function and open, however the release button is unfortunately missing, so they stay open, and the springs are weak. The cabinet has 3 white Luftwaffe eagles with swass, which are quite crisp. The control panel is in very good condition, with no cracking or chips, just a bit of age. The fabric covering the speaker is perfect (often torn or stained) and the rear panel opens with little effort to examine the interior. Original power cord is still present but there is no plug end installed.

All of the front knobs are present and move, though we do not know if they function as they should. The two metal/bakelite tubes and one glass vacuum tube are present, and look to be good. The glass tube still has the "getter flash", indicating a good vacuum. The internal circuit shelf is still mostly stable, and the leads to the antenna in the rear cover are still intact. There has been a two prong plug grafted onto the power cord long ago, so the radio may have been used after the war, however we have no idea if it is still functional.

This is a very good condition highly collectible model for both radio and military collectors. Ready to display!

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