Original German WWII Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge by C.E. Juncker Berlin - Pilotenabzeichen

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Original Items: Only One Available. This is a very nice condition German WWII Pilot's Badge (Pilotenabzeichen), made by the well-known firm of C.E. Juncker. It is of two-piece construction, made of silvered zinc, with a vertical pin back. It measures 53 mm x 65.3 mm, with much silvering retained on wreath with minor surface wear. The back of the eagle is marked:


The pin on the back is fully functional, and checking with a magnet indicates that no steel was used to construct this badge. These are very rare, and we have only had a few previously. Ready to display!

The Pilotenabzeichen (Pilot's Badge) of the former Luftwaffe had been instituted by Hermann Göring on 12 August 1935. It came in distinct types; nickel silver (changed to zinc during the war) and a variant made of gold. It depicts a silver eagle (Silberner Adler) perched atop a swas (Swas), wings open in a landing pose, and surrounded by a wreath with laurel (Lorbeer) on the right side and oak (Eichenlaub) branches on the left side, respectively. It was worn in the center of the left breast pocket of the service tunic, underneath the Iron Cross 1st Class if awarded. The badge was awarded after one completed flight training and the flying licence and citation were received.

The badge can be distinguished from the very similar Pilot/Observer Badge by the wreath; the Pilot's Badge has a silver wreath, while the Pilot/Observer badge has a gold wreath.
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