Original German WWII Luftwaffe Paratrooper Smock Tan and Water Camouflage - Unissued Condition

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an incredibly rare circa 1944 WWII German Luftwaffe Paratrooper Smock in “Tan and Water” camouflage pattern. The Smock is in excellent, unissued, condition, and one of the finest specimens we have ever seen!
All of the original blue glass buttons are present. The “Zipp” brand zippers, which were purpose built for this style of smock, and all in excellent working order.  Each zipper has a crosshatch black leather  pull tab. The snaps are all intact and marked "PRYM". The reverse has the pistol pocket with small black bakelite buttons. The snaps at the cuffs are identical to those at the hem for the leg closure. All snaps function as intended. The breast eagle is machine embroidered and is hand stitched onto the smock with purple/blue thread. It should be noted that this hand-application is most likely period, as there is no evidence that an eagle was previously machine-applied. The interior is unlined and uses a mix of green and blue Herringbone Twill  cloth for pocket reinforcements, etc. The original size adjustment draw string is in place and secured underneath with a strip of purple/blue cloth.  Note that on several sections of material inside the body panels of the Smock that “16” is written in grease pencil. These are cutter markings from when the Smock was made in the factory! Generally these are worn off with even the lightest of wear!
No other markings are to be found in the Smock, which is not uncommon for a late war garment. Overall, an incredible late war Fallschirmjäger smock offered in truly excellent condition.

Approximate Measurements:
Collar to Shoulder: 10”
Shoulder to Sleeve: 23.5”
Shoulder to Shoulder: 20.5”
Chest Width: 20”
Waist Width: 20”
Front Length: 40”

The Fallschirmjäger were the paratrooper branch of the German Luftwaffe before and during World War II. They were the first German paratroopers to be committed in large-scale airborne operations and came to be known as the "green devils" by the Allied forces they fought against. The Fallschirmjäger were very effective when used in commando style raids. The Fallschirmjäger were famous for their willingness to give every effort unwaveringly even in the grimmest of situations. The Fallschirmjäger were seldom used as parachutists. Instead, they were prized for their combat abilities and frequently acted in a "fire brigade" role as roving elite infantrymen. Throughout World War II the Fallschirmjäger commander was Kurt Student.

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