Original German WWII Luftwaffe Panzer Reconnaissance Officers Staff Pennant Flag Cutoff Half - 20" x 32"

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Personal and Unit command pennants were an old German Army tradition which was continued and expanded during the Third Reich and included new designs and patterns for the fledgling Luftwaffe. Regulations concerning Luftwaffe Personal and Unit command pennants can be found dated as early as January 1935, before the formation of the Luftwaffe was officially announced. The Personal and Unit command pennants underwent numerous minor alterations at various times through-out the war.

This a very nice example of a WWII German Luftwaffe Officer's Stabsflagge (Staff flag), used for high ranking officers and their staff. It looks to be a bit too large for a vehicle, so it may have been flown from a pole outside their location, which could be a tent in the field. We can see removed stitch marks around the entire perimeter of the flag, so this used to be part of a double sided pennant flag that was possibly also rigid. Taking it apart allowed two soldiers to get a nice bring back, instead of just one. This type of pennant was utilized by commanding Officer’s of Battalion sized units. The Golden Yellow / Black / golden Yellow stripes indicate that it is for a Luftwaffe Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion.

The pennant flag cutout measures 20 inches by 32 inches and is single sided. It is gold-yellow (goldgelb) in color, with a wide black stripe down the middle of each side, and is of multipiece construction, with stitched seams that are invisible from the front. There is an white felt mid-war Style Luftwaffe eagle sewn onto the center of the pennant, with embroidery added directly onto the pennant.

Condition is very good, showing the expected wear and staining from service. There are some small holes and tears, and the felt eagle has some mothing, especially on the mobile "swas" that it is perched on. Some of the original stitching used to attach it to the other half off the pennant remains.

Luftwaffe Panzer Recon. pennants such as these are extremely rare, and this is only the second example of any size that we have ever had. Ready to display!

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