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Original German WWII Luftwaffe Officer Vehicle Rigid Fender Staff Pennant Flag Cutoff Half - 8 1/2" x 14 1/2"

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Original Item: Only One Available. This a very interesting cutoff fabric half portion of a WWII German Luftwaffe Flag Car / Automobile / Vehicle Rigid Fender Wimpel (Pennant) used for the vehicles of high ranking officers and their staff. As originally made, there would be two halves sewn together around a metal frame, with a leather border and often a celluloid covering on each side.

This example shows staining and use, but not abuse. We assume it was removed by a USGI from the car, and then taken apart so that more people could share it, or so that it fit easier into a pocket. As it is it measures 8 1/2" inches in hoist and 14 1/2" in fly, and is in quite good condition. The colors as well retained, and the embroidered eagle is in great shape. There is even some of the original paper backing on the rear of the eagle, used to help stabilize it and keep it from running.

Intact pennants are exceedingly rare, so this gives you a great chance to have a very nice part of one for your collection at an economical price. Ready to display!

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