Original German WWII Luftwaffe LKpW101 Winter Flying Helmet in Size 57cm with Avionics

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an excellent condition German WWII Luftwaffe Flieger Kopfhaube (Aviator Helmet/Hood), model LKp W101. This is a helmet for winter, as indicated by the W. It is made of leather, with a very nice rabbit fur lining, which has a chamois backed forehead area and neck straps. It even comes with a fully correct and intact communication setup, with attached throat microphones, installed headphones, and a bakelite 4 pin connector on the back.

The helmet is in excellent condition. It still has the original manufacturers tag on the interior rear:

FL. Kopfhaube Gr. 57
Baumuster LKp W101
Gerät - Nr 124-436 A
Werk - Nr 1 K. H s l
Anf. Z Ln 26618
Deutsche Telephonwerke
und Kabelindustrie

Deutsche Telephonwerke & Kabelindustrie AG (German telephone works and cable industry Co.) of Berlin, a manufacturer of telephone and radio equipment. We do not know if they manufactured this flying helmet, or whether it was shipped to them for outfitting with the avionics. Overall condition is very good to excellent. It features the studs and hooks for a 4 point oxygen mask attachment.

The throat microphones are marked Mi4a and Fl 26779-1 meaning the avionics are comprised of round Mi4a magnetic type throat microphones with four-pole break coupling/plug. It carries the short communication cord favored by fighter pilots and is fitted with a plug that is nicely marked BLK v Fl 27560.

This really is a fantastic medium size (57cm) example of a German WWII Flying helmet, complete with avionics!

More on the Model LKP W-101:

A dark brown leather flying helmet lined with sheepskin or rabbit fur and made from the same basic pattern as the LKp W-100 but with new Siemens communications and improved insulation for better sound transmission. The major visible difference between this helmet and its predecessor was the design of the earphone housings and throat microphone straps. Instead of metal or plastic domes, the earphones were housed in hard rubber cups covered with dark brown leather which had a more streamlined appearance. The leather outer covering was designed with a recess at the top which helped secure the goggle straps in place. Sound quality was further enhanced by the installation of a translucent plastic membrane inside the helmet between the cushioned fleece lining and the earphone speaker. This served the dual function of filtering excess noise and keeping dust out of the sensitive electronics. The housing for the throat microphones on the LKp W-101 was also improved. Two straps containing the microphone contacts were linked by an inverted “T” shaped leather envelope at the nape of the helmet. This housing also served as the junction between the helmet’s internal wiring and the long cord and plug-in connector. The throat straps were adjustable on both sides by means of two small buckles, and once the correct sizing was achieved, could be quickly joined together at the front of the throat by one or two snap fasteners. Later examples of this helmet have been found with a friction release attachment for adjusting the tension of the throat microphones, although this is more commonly seen on the LKpN mesh flying helmets. The model LKp W-101 was produced with hardware for the three-strap oxygen mask, but many were modified to accept the two-strap mask by the addition of studs on either side of the helmet. Luftwaffe LKp W101 Flying Helmet.
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