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Original German WWII Luftwaffe Leather Drop Holster for the Browning FN Model 1910/1922 7.65mm Pistol - Rare Presstoff Variant

Item Description

Original item: Only One Available. This is a scarce Presstoff (Ersatz Leather) variant of the FN-1922 “Dropping” Holster. Known as "Theurermann Patent for Browning 1922" this unique form holster was seized by the Germans when invading Belgium and re-issued to German Officers. The holsters continued to be made well into the German occupation of Belgium, with some holsters of this pattern even being made by manufacturers in Germany as well.

This particular holster is unique in that the body of the holster is made of artificial leather (Presstoff), with a leather top flat and closure tab. In an effort to save leather, the Germans began implementing presstoff where they could in order to conserve leather when possible.

The holster design is rather ingenious, allowing one to remove the securing strap, and then pull it downward and in to cause straps attached to the belt loop to pull the flap open. Definitely a type of holster not seen every day. There is a faint ink stamp inside the flap of the holster as well.

In fine condition ready to use or display with your Browning 1910/1922 pistol!

Presstoff (also Preßstoff or Pressstoff) is the German-language term for a type of ersatz or artificial leather used during the first half of the 20th century. Made of specially layered and treated paper pulp, Presstoff was durable and easily adapted to be used in place of leather, which under wartime conditions was rationed. First invented in the 19th century, it gained its widest use in Germany during the Second World War.

Presstoff use included but was not limited to binoculars cases and straps, horse tack, bayonet frogs, equipment belts, cap visors etc. In short, Presstoff could be used in almost every application normally filled by leather, excepting items like footwear that were repeatedly subjected to flex wear and/or moisture. Under these conditions Presstoff tended to delaminate and lose cohesion.

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