Original German WWII Luftwaffe Gravity Knife by Solinger Metallwaren Fabrik - SMF

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This excellent example was produced by Solinger Metalwaren-Fabrik Stöcker & Co. GmbH, also known as SMF, who were one of the major producers of this knife during WWII. Their "Seated King" over Solingen trademark is seen on the blade, as well as ROSTFREI (rust free) indicating stainless steel construction.

This example has fine, stainless steel components. The blade release button and base are marked with production number 562. The blade release functions properly, as does the marlinspike hinge. The base of the marlinspike is marked with a Weimar/Luftwaffe eagle with a number 5 inside. Both leaf springs are intact and show no signs of cracking, which is unfortunately common with these knives. They were in actuality designed for cutting through parachute rigging, so long term durability was not of a major concern.

The blade of this knife is in excellent condition, with a clear trademark logo, and much of the original factory crossgrain visible. There is a bit of sharpening, but not enough to alter the blade shape. These knives were not really made for durability, so long term use would quickly wear away the blade. This example however is still great!

The grip plates are of walnut with the standard four retaining rivets. These plates are in very good condition throughout, with no major cracks or chips, just a few light dents and stains.

An excellent condition rare Luftwaffe gravity knife by SMF!

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