Original German WWII Luftwaffe German Balda-Werk Roll Box Model 1931 Camera

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Early style of camera, typically civilian, but a soldier could have used it as his personal camera. The Luftwaffe Eagle was likely added by a soldier during the war. The specific model is the Balda rollbox model 1931, it's a pre-war camera. This example includes the original leatherette case. Offered in very good aesthetic condition, we have no way to verify if it actually works.

Balda-Werk was founded in 1908 by Max Baldeweg. After WWII, the Dresden company was nationalized and renamed to Belca-Werk. This company was absorbed by VEB Kamera-Werke in 1956. Max moved to West Germany (Bünde), where he founded another company named Balda Kamera-Werk, which continued camera production until 1970.

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