Original German WWII Luftwaffe Generalleutnant Hans Hückel Attributed Leather Greatcoat

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Original Item: Only One Available. This overcoat was original listed on eBay in 2004, at that time the seller claimed this Overcoat belonged to Luftwaffe Generalleutnant Hans Hückel who passed away in 1981. The seller claimed to have purchased it directly from Hückel himself. A printed copy of the original eBay listing with multiple photos and description are included in the sale of the great coat.

This extremely rare leather overcoat or greatcoat was a typical pattern used by  officers in the German Wehrmacht. It is heavy grade leather with a quilted internal lining, manufactured with excellent quality and offered in very good condition. Interior HANNOVER tailor label and PRYM buttons, making this consistent with a genuine German mid-war production of a private purchase uniform piece. Also of particular note are very nice Russia braid Epaulets with one pip indicating a rank or Lieutenant General (Generalleutnant). Generals' shoulder boards were constructed similarly to those of field-grade officers, but comprised a length of silver Russia braid between two braided cords of gold bullion or Celleon. Since the resulting combination was wider, generals' boards were plaited in four 'loops' rather than five. Their buttons were gilt, and rank was indicated by zero to three silver pips, or crossed batons in the case of field marshals. The underlay was scarlet, except (from 1944) for generals of staff corps, who were instructed to wear Waffenfarbe instead. As was the case with Generalleutnant Hückel  as he worked as an administrator for the majority of the WWII career.

As this was custom made there is no size tag but if perfectly fits a 5' 10" tall, 180 lbs man with a 40/42 inch chest.

Approximate Measurements:
Collar to shoulder: 10”
Shoulder to sleeve: 27"
Shoulder to shoulder: 19”
Chest width: 22”
Waist width: 19”
Hip width: 23”
Front length: 48"

Generalleutnant Hans Hückel
Born: 04 Oct 1891 in Pottangow, District Stolp, Pomerania
Died: 15 Dec 1981 in Hamburg
Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier (27 Jan 1912); Fähnrich (22 May 1912); Leutnant (18 Feb 1913); Oberleutnant (06 Jun 1916); Charakter als Hauptmann (31 Mar 1920); Hauptmann a.D. (15 Apr 1933); Major (01 Jul 1934); Oberstleutnant (01 Aug 1936); Oberst (01 Oct 1938); Generalmajor (01 Sep 1941); Generalleutnant (01 Apr 1944)
Entered the Army in the 14th Infantry-Regiment (23 Sep 1911-06 Nov 1915)
Detached to Flying-Replacement-Battalion Großenhain (07 Nov 1915-09 Dec 1915)
Observer-Training in Königsberg (10 Dec 1915-09 Feb 1916)
Detached to Army-Flight-Park South (10 Feb 1916-12 Mar 1916)
Observer with the 54th Field-Flying-Battalion (13 Mar 1916-22 Jan 1917)
Photographic-Officer with the Staff of the Commander of Flying South and Leader of the 4th Front-Line-Photography-Platoon (23 Jan 1917-22 Nov 1918)
Adjutant of the Air-Base Halle, Saale (23 Nov 1918-30 Jan 1919)
Flying-Officer with the Staff of the General-Command IV, Magdeburg (31 Jan 1919-31 Mar 1920)
Retired (31 Mar 1920)
Entered Luftwaffe Service in the RLM, Department LP II (Air Personnel) (01 May 1934-30 Sep 1934)
Major with the Staff of the Reconnaissance-Flying-School Braunschweig (01 Oct 1934-30 Jun 1936)
Commander of the 37th Flying-Training-Battalion, Ütersen and at the same time, Air-Base-Commandant Ütersen (01 Jul 1936-28 Feb 1939)
Adjutant with Air-Fleet-Command (01 Mar 1939-10 Feb 1941)
Airport-Area-Commandant Liegnitz (11 Feb 1941-18 Mar 1941)
Airport-Area-Commandant Thorn (19 Mar 1941-10 May 1941)
Airport-Area-Commandant Neuhausen (10 May 1941-08 Dec 1941)
Airport-Area-Commandant 8/VI, Pleskau (08 Dec 1941-09 Mar 1943)
Airport-Area-Commandant 10/XII, Morlaix (10 Mar 1943-16 Mar 1944)
Commander of Air-Fleet-Troop 3 (17 Mar 1944-12 Sep 1944)
Commander of Luftwaffe-Command-Office with the Replacement-General-Command XII, Wiesbaden (13 Sep 1944-31 Oct 1944)
Commander of Luftwaffe-Command-Office with the Replacement-General-Command II, Stettin (01 Nov 1944-08 Feb 1945)
Commander of Luftwaffe-Command-Office North (09 Feb 1945-09 May 1945)
In US Captivity (09 May 1945-1947)
Released (1947)

Decorations & Awards:
Ritterkreuz des königlichen Hausordens von Hohenzollern mit Schwertern (11 Sep 1918)
1914 Eisernes Kreuz I. Klasse
1914 Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse

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