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Original German WWII Luftwaffe Flak Regiment Officer Photo Album and Journal - Dated 1936

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is incredible. A meticulous artfully designed journal and photo album first that beings with a fable of St. Christophorus during Christmas time 1935. This exquisite journal featuring stunning watercolor paintings, belonged to an officer who trained at the flak artillery school located in Wustrow, Germany. The school Lehr-Abteilung der Flakartillerieschule ran from 1 Apr 1935 - 1 Apr 1937. In it he names numerous officers, who's signatures also appear in the book including:

- Major Nieper (we believe to be Alexander Nieper, who according to the 1 May 44 rangliste. was promoted to Oberst 1.11.1941 and went on to become the commander of the 29 Flak Division in Norway.

- Obltn. Reuter (we believe this to be Oberleutnant August Reuter. More information including his birth and death and awards can be found at this link.)

- Major Reimann

- Lieutenant Heil

- Lieutenant Jordan

The journal is meticulous and beautiful with loads of sketches, water colors, fine penmanship and numerous signatures. It is dated in many places, dates include October 10th, 1936, October 16th, 1936, November 16th, 1936. It totals 22 pages and 15 photos of Luftwaffe officers in uniforms and in numerous motorcars. The cover is stunning Luftwaffe blue leatherette with gold embossed letters that read St. Christophorus with an incredible gold Luftwaffe eagle. The cover is in mint condition having been under a plain dust jacket and kept inside a book box (also included) for decades. The pages edges are finished in gold.

This is one of the finest most detailed journal photos albums we have ever encountered.

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