Original German WWII Luftwaffe EM-NCO M38 Overseas Wool Cap - Schiffchen

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice service worn example of a German WWII Luftwaffe M38 Overseas cap (Schiffchen), as worn by Enlisted men and NCOs (EM-NCO). The overseas cap, nicknamed in German military slang as "Schiffchen", or literally "little ship" as it resembled an up-turned row-boat, was standard issue for the Luftwaffe for most occasions.

The cap is constructed of the correct Luftwaffe Fliegerblau (Flyer's Blue) blue gray wool exterior, and features a fine embroidered eagle and tri-color cockade sewn to the front. The stitching does not go into the interior, so they look to be original. It features a faded light blue lining that looks to be a cotton rayon blend.

The condition of the cap is good, but it definitely does show staining and wear from service. There is discoloration around the lower edge from dirt and sweat, and the interior is stained as well. The fuzzy "nap" of the exterior is worn off, except where the side flaps have protected it. There are no maker markings or stamps visible on the inside, so production date, maker and size are unknown but we will provide you with an approximate size of 56cm. There are some written in markings, which we have not been able to decipher.

Real service used caps such as these have a nice "salty" look that is impossible to duplicate, and means that it was "really there", and not sitting in a depot during the war. Ready to add to your collection!

Side Cap
A side cap is a military cap that can be folded flat when not being worn. It is also known as a garrison cap or flight cap in the United States, wedge cap in Canada, or field service cap in the United Kingdom. In form the side cap is comparable to the glengarry, a folding version of the Scottish military bonnet. It has been associated with various military forces since the middle of the 19th century, as well as various civilian organizations.

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