Original German WWII Luftwaffe Der Adler Magazine Collection in Binders - Years 1939 1940 (All 49 issues)

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a collection of all issues of Der Adler magazine beginning in March 1939 and completing in December 1940. Der Adler was the official magazine of the Luftwaffe in World War II.

In total there are 49 issues total (every two weeks). That means every single issue issued from the magazines first issue in March 1939 through Decmber 1940. All issues are contained in an original official Der Adler Luftwaffe binder for each year (two binders total). The magazines are in their original GERMAN language, these are not the reissue magazines that were printed in English. This collection is incredibly rare with fewer than a handful known to exist. Of particular interest is the Summer of 1940 during the Battle of Britain which is very well documented with loads of photos of German bombers pounding English towns and cities, even a wonderful photo of the cliff of Dover with smoke billowing off one and a German bomber in the foreground.

Overall condition of the magazines are good, very little damage, though the 1940 set appears to have gotten damp at some point in the past thankfully the damage was very minor. The cover images are all very good as are the images and text throughout. You will not be disappointed!

The issues included are as follows.

1939 Complete:
Berlin, March 1st, 1939 (Heft 1)
Berlin, March 14st, 1939 (Heft 2)
Berlin, March 28th, 1939 (Heft 3)
Berlin, April 4th, 1939 (Heft 4)
Berlin, April 18th, 1939 (Heft 5)
Berlin, May 2nd, 1939 (Heft 6)
Berlin, May 16th, 1939 (Heft 7)
Berlin, May 31st, 1939 (Heft 8)
Berlin, June 13th, 1939 (Heft 9)
Berlin, June 27th, 1939 (Heft 10)
Berlin, June 27th, 1939 (Heft 10)
Berlin, July 11th, 1939 (Heft 11)
Berlin, July 25th, 1939 (Heft 12)
Berlin, August 8th, 1939 (Heft 13)
Berlin, August 22nd, 1939 (Heft 14)
Berlin, September 5th, 1939 (Heft 15)
Berlin, September 19th, 1939 (Heft 16)
Berlin, October 3rd, 1939 (Heft 17)
Berlin, October 17th, 1939 (Heft 18)
Berlin, October 31st, 1939 (Heft 19)
Berlin, November 14th, 1939 (Heft 20)
Berlin, November 28th, 1939 (Heft 21)
Berlin, December 12th, 1939 (Heft 22)
Berlin, December 26th, 1939 (Heft 23)

1940 Complete:
Berlin, January 9th, 1940 (Heft 1)
Berlin, January 23rd, 1940 (Heft 2)
Berlin, February 6th, 1940 (Heft 3)
Berlin, February 20th, 1940 (Heft 4)
Berlin, March 5th, 1940 (Heft 5)
Berlin, March 19th, 1940 (Heft 6)
Berlin, April 2nd, 1940 (Heft 7)
Berlin, April 16th, 1940 (Heft 8)
Berlin, April 30th, 1940 (Heft 9)
Berlin, May 14th, 1940 (Heft 10)
Berlin, May 30th, 1940 (Heft 11)
Berlin, June 11th, 1940 (Heft 12)
Berlin, June 25th, 1940 (Heft 13)
Berlin, July 9th, 1940 (Heft 14)
Berlin, July 23rd, 1940 (Heft 15)
Berlin, August 6th, 1940 (Heft 16)
Berlin, August 20th, 1940 (Heft 17)
Berlin, September 3rd, 1940 (Heft 18)
Berlin, September 17th, 1940 (Heft 19)
Berlin, October 1st, 1940 (Heft 20)
Berlin, October 15th, 1940 (Heft 21)
Berlin, October 29th, 1940 (Heft 22)
Berlin, November 12th, 1940 (Heft 23)
Berlin, November 26th, 1940 (Heft 24)
Berlin, December 10th, 1940 (Heft 25)
Berlin, December 26th, 1940 (Heft 26)

According to sources a collection of just year 1939 (missing issue #1) without binder was sold for $1600 in 2016. This is a unique opportunity that will not last long.

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