Original German WWII Luftwaffe DAK Afrikakorps EM-NCO M38 Tropical Overseas Cap

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. In late 1940, with the impending German entrance into the North African campaign, the German army quickly developed and issued tropical uniforms and equipment in time for the Deutsches Afrikakorps (German Africa Corps or DAK) personnel’s arrival in Tripoli in February 1941. At the same time the Luftwaffe also developed and introduced their own version of the tropical uniform, headgear and equipment independently from the other branches of service. These were usually similar to the Heer version, but definitely differed in many of the smaller details.

Originally the tropical uniforms were only intended for wear in North Africa but that was later expanded to include personnel serving in southern areas of continental Europe during the summer months, (May 1st to September 30th). The tropical overseas cap was based on the standard Luftwaffe overseas cap but in a different color and material. The tropical overseas caps were piped in the same manner, and later the M43 field caps with no piping for EM/NCO ranks, silver piping for Officer’s ranks and gilt piping for General Officer’s ranks were introduced.

The most noticeable difference between the Heer and Luftwaffe overseas caps is the same as with the standard "continental" issue examples: Luftwaffe caps do not have a scallop on the fold down skirt. Also unlike Heer examples, the Luftwaffe overseas caps were lined with fabric similar in color to the exterior, and generally did not have ventilation grommets on the sides.

This is a very nice Luftwaffe Tropen Fliegermütze (tropical pattern overseas cap), worn by NCO and enlisted ranks in the DAK and southern Europe. Styled after the 1938 pattern, it is produced in DAK tan cotton twill with a fold down flap around the entire perimeter. The front has a very nice Tropical pattern Luftwaffe Eagle, embroidered with gray / silver threading on a tan triangular background. Beneath is the correct Tri-color cockade, which has the correct tan background. The Eagle insignia is sewn only to the outer layer of fabric, so it was definitely installed during production.

The interior is lined with lightweight tan canvas, and as far as we can tell is totally unmarked. There is no major damage or repairs to the cap, though it does show some weathering and facing.

These Luftwaffe DAK caps are far harder to find than the Heer Equivalent, and this is one of the first that we have ever had. Ready to display!

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