Original German WWII Luftwaffe Christmas Collection Drive Tin - Dated 1943

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The Norwegian Collector/vendor that we purchased this from tells us that some years ago a whole case of these virtually un-issued Collection Cans were found in a Norwegian Warehouse.

While it was fairly optimistic to ask the population of an Occupied Country to contribute to the Air Force of the Invader, Norwegians were a Germanic people, so the NSDAPs may have anticipated support. Very possibly the idea was not well
received and the Collection Tins were put into storage.

Anyway here is a clearly aged but unused tin measuring 6" in height and 3 1/2" across. The detachable top has a coin slot and a round slot for bank notes, they must have been dreaming!

The body is wrapped in printed paper going brown from age displaying a large LUFTWAFFE SPREAD EAGLE under the title Feldluftgau Norwegen with Weihnachtssammlung 1943 Below. A Feld-luftgau, or Field Air District, was an administrative division of the Luftwaffe, in this case the one in Norway. This tin was used for their 1943 Christmas Collection (Weihnachtssammlung). There is also a blue stamped circular insignia with Luftgaukommando Norwegen around a NSDAP Party Eagle, for the Norwegian Luftwaffe command.

Interestingly the lid has two holes which line up with holes in the upper side of the tin through which wires were secured by lead seals on each side to ensure that that the "Contributions Collector" could not open the tin unauthorized. One side still bears the sealed wire, the other not, as the tin is empty. With nice "D" handle to side for easy rattling to encourage the Donors.

I'm sure any donations were made out of pure FEAR. Ready to Display.

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