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Original German WWII Luftwaffe 45" x 49" Night Flight Navigator Map of Northern Scandinavia & Iceland - Dated 1940

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is the very type map used by German bomber navigators during WWII, and is one of only a few that we have ever had, definitely being the largest! This would have been perfect for bombing runs being launched towards targets in the Western USSR. Even better, this map is bright YELLOW, which means it is the type of map used during night time raids! This of course made it much easier to see in the dark cabins of German bombers.

This is a wonderful waterproof vinyl type map is marked with Luftwaffe Eagles surrounding LUFT - NAVIGATIONSKARTE IN MERKATORPROJEKTION (Air- Navigation Map in Mercator Projection) across the top. Under this is Maßstab auf 51° Breite 1:2 000 000, which indicates that the scale at 51° latitude is 1 to 2,000,000.

This double sided map is of Northern Scandinavia, showing Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the far Western USSR on one side, while the other side shows Iceland, with Greenland and Norway in the far corners. The areas covered were basically all that was needed for the bombing flights against the USSR. It has been "overprinted" in red with symbols indicating various features including navigation light beacons (Leuchtfeuer). The waxy finish made it very durable, and meant that chinagraph pencils could be used to plot courses, etc. and then be wiped off once the mission was complete.

This is an true air navigation map in Mercator projection and both sides were printed based on 1940 information released by the Reich Aviation military. This was just in time for the preparations for Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the USSR. These maps were specifically produced for the Luftwaffe, and coordinates were different from the army and navy. This was part of a series of maps released, and legends on the side can show where each map fits in the overall map scheme.

The map is in very good condition with bright colors and no tears, just some small stains and holes in the corners from being hung up. It even is dated June 15, 1945 on one side, probably when it was captured during the WWII period, and measures a large 45" x 49". Most attractive and ready to display!

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