Original German WWII Luftschutz Verbandkasten Medic First Aid Set in Blue Steel Chest with WWII Dated Contents

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This fantastic full set of first aid bandage supplies, some of which are still in the original wrappers with WWII dates, as well as some with German Red Cross (DRK) markings. There are also some empty small glass bottles, and other supplies.

They are contained in a classic very good condition German WWII issue first aid Luftschutz Verbandkasten (Air Raid First Aid Kit) steel case, which measures 14" x 7 1/2" x 4. The case features a carry handle on one end, and is finished in the correct dark blue color used by the Luftschutz and Luftwaffe. It even has a supplier label on the front for WARNER LÜNING, a provider of Feuerwehr-, Luftschutz-Geräte und Ausrüstungen (Fire Fighting & Air Raid Protection Devices & Equipment) in Gelsenkirchen, Westphalia.

The case does show some age and use, however it still has the internal contents label, correctly marked Inhaltsverzeichnis des Luftschutzverbandkastens (Contents List of the Air Raid First Aid Kit). It does show some staining and degradation, but is overall in great shape. There is even an intact ink stamp. The latches are still present and lock securely.

The case is completely full with wartime issue medical supplies some of which have dated wrappers bearing 1941 and 1942 (most components are completely unmarked). This is an extremely rare and highly collectible set with a wonderful history, with some contents offered in excellent unissued condition.

Formed in late 1932 the Deutsches Luftschutzverband, (German Air Protection League), was a voluntary organization designed to provide civil air raid protection in large civilian centers. Shortly after AH ascension to power the Deutsches Luftschutzverband was restructured and placed under the supervision of the Reichsluftfahrtministerium, (National Air Ministry), under the control of Hermann Göring. On April 29TH 1933 the Deutsches Luftschutzverband was renamed RLB, Reichs Luftschutz Bund, (National Air Raid Protection League) and was given status as an official national organization tasked with all aspects of civil air raid defense.

The RLB remained a voluntary organization with a small cadre of paid, full-time uniformed officials to oversee the organization's functions until June 1935 when obligatory service was introduced. Only the most basic uniform and equipment items were supplied to the cadre personnel, with the rest having to be bought personally by members. On September 26TH 1938 a specific helmet for RLB personnel was introduced that incorporated a raised horizontal "bead" between the visors and crown. These helmets commonly called the "Gladiator" style were supplemented with M35, M40 and M42 helmets that also incorporated a raised horizontal "bead" between the visors and crown. The Luftschutz also utilized a variety of captured helmets.

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