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Original German WWII Lord Haw-Haw Propaganda Broadcaster Named Top Hat with Case

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Original Items: One-of-a-kind. William Joyce was the most hated Englishman of WW2, and he wasn't even English! WILLIAM BROOKE JOYCE born April 24th 1906 was executed by hanging on January 3rd, 1946. He was born on Herkimer in Brooklyn New York to an Irish father and an English mother. Shortly after his birth the family moved back to Galway Ireland and later to Cheshire in England.

In 1932 he joined the British Union of Fascists and became a leading speaker. He became Deputy leader in 1933 but when war broke out in 1939, and learning that as a Pro-Nazi he was slated for arrest, he fled to Germany and became a citizen in 1940. He got a job as an English broadcaster for German Propaganda Radio English Service.

By 1940 his broadcasts to England spouting Nazi propaganda had become legendary. Always beginning his broadcast with "GERMANY CALLING" three times, it is believed at his height he had over 6 million regular English listeners and up to 18 million casual listeners and nearly everyone of them hated him!

He became a celebrity in Nazi Germany receiving two medals from Hitler but the good life didn't last that long. He broadcast right up until April 30th, 1945 and then tried to flee to Denmark but the British arrested him.

He was charged on three counts of high treason but beat the first two claiming, as a U.S. born citizen he could not committing treason with his actions against England. His arguments were nullified once it was shown that he had applied for and received a British Passport years before the war.

To massive public relief he was executed by hanging on January 3rd, 1946 as the most hated "Englishman" of WW2.

What we offer here is a high quality felted beaver fur Top hat, made by MAX ECKARD of BERLIN complete in a quality leather carry case which bears a silver plaque engraved:


The set even contains the original velvet knapping cushion for smoothing the grain on the top hat’s exterior.

Despite his fame in Germany he never personally met Adolph Hitler but did enjoy much glory bestowed on him by Propaganda Minister Goebbels. Ironic that his only legacy appears to be represented by an upmarket top hat he used for public functions. The Englishman that all of England detested most in WW2.

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