Original German WWII Long 98k Dress Bayonet by C. Gustav Spitzer with Period Applied Postschutz Emblem & Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The K-98 dress bayonet was a dress version of the combat style, and was worn by enlisted and NCO personnel for dress and parade occasions. The bayonets were finished with a high-quality nickel plating, with stag or bakelite grip plates and black painted scabbard. The choice of blade length was left to the purchaser, either the nickel-plated short (20cm) or long (25cm) version. There was usually a red or green colored felt insert in the rifle slot and the bayonet was suspended from a black or brown leather frog. Some had a functional bayonet latch, while it was ornamental on some. Often they would also have a sword knot, or troddle, and the color would indicate the branch or rank.

This relatively standard example is in great condition, and has a nickel plated blade, as all dress bayonets do. It has a nice alloy hilt, with almost all of the Nickel Plating intact, showing light oxidation and some bubbling of the plating. The mortise button and blade release are fully functional, though the felt insert is missing. The grip plates are both checkered black bakelite, and are in great shape. They are retained by plated steel rivets dressed on the reverse.

The right grip scale has been period fitted with a Postschutz Postal Protection Police insignia, a Reichsadler looking to the left, which has three lightning bolts coming out from each side, to indicate that they protected not just the postal system, but also the telecommunication system. There were officially issued Postschutz bayonets, however those were unadorned and DRP marked. This looks to have been a special order for the owner.

The blade on this example is nickel-plated, as were all dress bayonets, and it shows only light wear and scuffing. This looks to be mostly from cleaning and runner wear. It has not been sharpened, and still retains its blunt factory edge. The original brown leather blade buffer is in place, and is in excellent condition.

This fine example was produced by rare maker C. Gustav Spitzer AG, Stahwaren-Fabrik (Steelware Factory), and rear of the ;blade is stamped with the company's name and address marking surrounding their "Prancing Lion" trademark:

(Lion Trademark)

The lion is very well executed, with his left front paw high in the air, with a wagging tail and a flicking tongue. According to J. Anthony Carter's book, GERMAN KNIFE AND SWORD MAKERS, this company was founded in 1863 by Carl Gustav Spitzer, and later registered in Solingen in 1883. It made pocket, sporting, and hunting knives, and by 1928 was owned by Ernst Spitzer. They manufactured several different types of knives during the war, including specifically early SA daggers bearing their lion trademark. They also manufactured various private purchase "walking out" bayonets.

The scabbard is straight throughout and has black enamel paint. This paint is still in good condition with some areas of missing paint and oxidation. There is also the usual crazing and checking from age, as well as some bubbling and lifting.

An great example of an German Long 98k dress bayonet by a rare maker with a period applied Postal Protection Insignia on the grips, complete with scabbard. Ready to display!

Blade Length: 9 3/4"
Blade Style: Single Edge w/ Fuller
Overall length: 14 1/2“
Crossguard: 2 1/4”
Scabbard Length: 10 7/8"

Original Item: Only One Available. The Postschutz (Postal Protection) organization was established in March 1933 as a uniformed organization tasked with the security and protection of the national postal and telecommunications systems. These installations included the telephone and telegraph facilities since they were, initially, under the supervision of the Postmaster-General, Dr. Ohnesorge (NSKK Obergruppenfuhrer). Personnel were mainly recruited from the Polizei, the SA, and the SS. By 1942 the Postschutz had a total of 4,500 men in service and was made up of older men or men who were not fit enough for front line service. In March 1942, the organization became subordinate to the Allgemeine SS.

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