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Original German WWII Leuchtpistole 42 Signal Flare Pistol LP-42 Marked WA

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Original Item: Very Few Available. Just discovered during a warehouse inventory cleanup, these are from the final shipment IMA received over 20 years ago of classic German WW2 Wehrmacht LP42 signal flare pistols, which entered service in 1943.

These Leuchtpistole 42 are of zinc-finished steel construction, 26.5 mm caliber, and bear the original German maker code; wa, which stands for Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Abteilung Lampenfabrik, Leipzig.

These particular pistols were captured along with many others by the British at the end of WW2, and then supplied them to Israel, who marked them: 1" in a circle over ממ 25, for 25mm (in hebrew). There they saw service in the Middle Eastern Campaigns of the 1960s and 1970s. Subsequently they were sold as surplus and ended up on the world market, and eventually were imported by IMA into the United States.

These flare pistols are completely Original German WW2 manufacture and in very good complete condition. Most of the finish is intact, though some have been arsenal repaired at least once, as in most cases the serial numbers on the barrel and frame will not match. Grip panels may also have been replaced during long service. These are very hard to find World War Two items with a fascinating history. 

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