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Original German WWII Army Leather Combat Suspender Y Straps by Hruby & Co. - dated 1940

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Original Item: Only On Available. This is a very nice set of German WWII Army Leather Combat Suspenders, usually referred to as "Y Straps" due to the shape. This version with support straps was introduced in April 1939, and initially only intended for Infantrymen in rifle companies. Later in the war the Y-belt also was authorized for motorcycle units (1941) and bicycle units (1943).

In records, the name appears in German as Koppeltragegestell aus Leder mit Hilfstrageriemen, which can be translated as "Leather Belt suspenders with auxiliary carrying straps". This was later simplified to Koppeltragegestell für Infanterie, which simply means "Belt Carrier for Infantry." These were designed to more effectively distribute the weight of the combat rigging.

The standard German Heer (Army) loadout would have the front clips attached to 98k Triple Ammo pouches on the left and right front of the pistol belt, while the rear attaches directly to the pistol belt. Usually then an "A-Frame" would be installed, with the top clips attaching to the two D-rings on the shoulder straps on the top, with the auxiliary straps attached to the bottom clips. Then the field gear, such as the mess tin, blanket, gas mask, etc would be attached to the A-Frame.

This example of Y-straps are in the early war brown color, and are maker marked and dated on one of the shoulder straps:


Condition is very good, with the expected wear from age and service. There is some cracking in the finish of the leather, and overall the leather is somewhat dry, as is to be expected after so many years. The leather has a great aged brown color, and would work perfectly with any German WWII Heer display. The shoulder straps measure approximately 24 inches in over all length, with the back strap about 12 inches, but it can be lengthened slightly.

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