Original German WWII Kriegsmarine U-boat Torpedo Timer Stop Watch with Case by Wartburg - Fully Functional

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Original Item: Only One Available. This fine stop watch is WWII was contract produced for the German Navy, and is marked with spread eagle and swas stamping and an initial M for Marine under the plated finish. It also has a back that opens to be used as a stand for the watch. We have had several of these watches previously, however this is the first one to have an original felt-lined protective case.

This is the classic design for Torpedo timing and used in U-Boats and E-Boats in the North Atlantic, and is offered in great fully functional condition. The fluted knob on the top controls everything. You wind it up and when you push it in once the single seconds hand starts moving immediately. On the second push, the second hand freezes at the time elapsed position. On the third push the timer resets itself to zero ready for reuse. There is a minutes hand as well, which along with the second row of numbers, gives the watch a maximum measured time of 15 minutes, accurate to a tenth of a second.

The back of the watch is marked under the Reichsadler Emblem:

M 74824

The back of the case is also marked:

22 1/2

We unfortunately could not find much on the Wartburg company, and we do not have a watch technician on staff to view the movement, so we do not know if they made the watch, or just the case. However, they are definitely high quality, and the D.R.G.M mark means it was a registered trademark under NSDAP Germany

How many times have we all seen these being used in WW2 movies?

Movement is in a fully working condition.

There is no warranty for this watch and returns for a non-working watch will not be honored. Please note all watches are wound and tested then recorded on video before shipment. We are not in the watch repair business- ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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