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Original German WWII Kriegsmarine U-Boat Map of Caribbean Sea - Battle of the Caribbean

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a wonderful condition heavy paper map used by German U-Boat captains during WW2!

This is a wonderful map is marked Kriegsmarine across the top. This single side map is of the Karibisches Meer (Caribbean Sea) and includes the Panama Canal, Panama, Gulf of Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Honduras, Mexico and more.

This is Naval map with depths. These maps were specifically produced for the Kriegsmarine. Front of the map reads:

Karibisches Meer
W- Blatt D. 521
Korr. VII. 43


The map is in excellent condition with bright colors and no tears it measures 26" x 28.5".

The Battle of the Caribbean refers to a naval campaign waged during World War II that was part of the Battle of the Atlantic, from 1941 to 1945. German U-boats and Italian submarines attempted to disrupt the Allied supply of oil and other material. They sank shipping in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico and attacked coastal targets in the Antilles. Improved Allied anti-submarine warfare eventually drove the Axis submarines out of the Caribbean region.

The Caribbean was strategically significant because of Venezuelan oil fields in the southeast and the Panama Canal in the southwest. The Royal Dutch Shell refinery on Dutch-owned Curaçao, processing eleven million barrels per month, was the largest oil refinery in the world; the refinery at Pointe-à-Pierre on Trinidad was the largest in the British Empire; and there was another large refinery on Dutch-owned Aruba. The British Isles required four oil tankers of petroleum daily during the early war years, and most of it came from Venezuela, through Curaçao, after Italy blocked passage through the Mediterranean Sea from the Middle East.


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