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Original German WWII Kriegsmarine 2nd Model S-Boat Fast Attack Craft War Badge by W.E. Peekhaus

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Fast Attack Craft War Badge or S-Boat War Badge (Das Schnellbootkriegsabzeichen) was a World War II German military decoration awarded to members of the Kriegsmarine for service on fast attack craft or patrol/torpedo boats. The award was instituted on 30 May 1941. Requirements to receive the award included: an outstandingly successful sortie, wounded in action, 12 sorties against enemy vessels or installations, or outstanding leadership.

The medal was produced in two versions. The original 1941 version consisted of a "shorter high-silhouette" S-boat with an outer gold laurel wreath of oak leaves with the German Eagle at the top, while clutching a swas. The second later version was introduced in January, 1943. It had the same basic design, but with a "longer and newer" model S-boat and a larger German Eagle at the top. The badge was worn on the lower part of the left breast pocket of the naval service tunic, underneath the 1st class Iron Cross, if awarded.

This is a very nice example of the 2nd Model S-boat badge, which still has a lot of the original silver wash on the "S-boat" shown on the obverse. There is also some of the original gold wash in the recesses of the wreath and eagle, with the back missing almost all the wash. The design has a hook on top and a sideways pin catch, definitely an interesting design.

The back is marked with maker FEC. W. E. / PEEKHAUS / BERLIN over designer AUSF. SCHWERIN BERLIN 68. "Ausf." is short for Ausführung, meaning model or version, so this is the version designed by Schwerom. Measures about 2 inches wide x 2 3/8 inches high. This is one of the first of these that we have seen, and it is a very nice example.

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