Original German WWII Kriegsmarine Oberleutnant zur See Reefer Jacket with Medals

Item Description

Original Item Only One Available. This is a tailor made named German WWII Kriegsmarine Oberleutnant zur See reefer jacket. Oberleutnant zur See, Oblt.z.S. in the Kriegsmarine was the highest rank of Lieutenant in the German Navy during World War Two.

Jacket is of wool construction, double breasted open collar having ten gilt fouled anchor button closure and two gilt ribbon cuff bands denoting rank of Oberleutnant zur See with bullion caduceus insignia on each sleeve. Bullion chest eagle, Iron Cross second class button hole ribbon are affixed to the jacket. Interior is lined in black satin like material with two internal pockets. Jacket is offered in very good condition.

Also included are two medals:
- Navy Destroyer War Badge by Rudolf Suval. This metal badge, also known as the Zerstörerkriegsabzeichen, is a military decoration awarded to and awarded to officers and crew for service on Kriegsmarine destroyers. This example is in very nice condition and is maker marked R.S. on the reverse which stands for Rudolf Suval.

- Black Wound Badge by Klein & Quenzer A.G. Badge is marked 65 on reverse for  Klein & Quenzer A.G.. The Wound Badge (German: Verwundetenabzeichen) was a military decoration first promulgated by Wilhelm II, German Emperor on 3 March 1918, which was awarded to wounded or frostbitten soldiers of the Imperial German Army, during World War I. Between the world wars, it was awarded to members of the German armed forces who fought on the Nationalist side of the Spanish Civil War, 1938–39, and received combat related wounds. It was awarded to members in the Reichswehr, the Wehrmacht, SS and the auxiliary service organizations during the Second World War. After March 1943, due to the increasing number of Allied bombings, it was also awarded to wounded civilians in air raids. It was awarded when the wound was the result of enemy hostile action, with an exception being for frost-bite.

Approximate Measurements
Collar to shoulder: 9 1/2"
Shoulder to sleeve: 25"
Shoulder to shoulder: 17"
Chest width: 21"
Waist width: 20 1/2"
Hip width: 23"
Front length: 31"
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