Original German WWII Kriegsmarine Navy Diver's Knife with Scabbard - Waffenamt Marked

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is an extremely rare example of a German WWII Kriegsmarine (Navy) Diver's Knife, complete with the original brass scabbard. Original WWII examples are almost never seen on the market, as most were lost long ago or melted down for the brass.

This example is completely correct and genuine, with a Waffenamt Eagle on the grip pommel, and another by the blade ricasso, which is over the letter "M", indicating Kriegsmarine use. There is also the Kriegsmarine marking on the top of the scabbard throat. The knife and scabbard are also marked with matching asset number N.097 on the blade ricasso, pommel, pommel screw, and scabbard.

Condition is very good, and the blade does not appear to have been sharpened, though there are many small dents on the scabbard, handle, and blade. With the heavy weight, it may have been more useful to use as a hammer underwater or above. It still has it's original rubber sealing washer, which would keep the seawater out of the scabbard, unless the knife was needed.

The first example we've ever had, ready to display!

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