Original German WWII Kriegsmarine K.M. Wrist Watch by Siegerin - Fully Functional

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an incredibly rare vintage 1930s German made for the German Navy men’s wrist watch by Siegerin. This is a German made wristwatch of the German Navy for Kriegsmarine officers and sailors during WWII. All of parts of watch are 100% original with the exception of the leather wristband.

This example has a beautiful original brass case and stainless steel screw-back. Reverse of screw-back impressed with issue number 124102.

This genuine vintage German naval Siegerin wristwatch from the WWII period is offered in excellent FULLY FUNCTIONAL condition. Dial in excellent condition free from any major marks, stains or damage. The KM designation and hour-digits are totally clear. Both hands with luminous compound intact, the matching compound as markers to each hour. Case in overall good condition with an original winder.

Original crown, original dial, military style, marked on face:


Recessed sub-dial for small seconds at 6, Arabic numerals, luminous baton steel hands manual winding movement.

Fully cleaned and oiled and runs correctly.

The German military had watches produced and retailed by companies such as ARSA (Auguste Reimond), Alpina, Mulco, Titus, Minerva, Record, Zenith, Silvana, Helvetia,
Longines. And also (mixed up with German): Buren, Doxa, Dogma, Glycine, Gala, Mimo, Phenix, Record watch Co., Recta, Para, Leonidas, Revue, Tritona, Wagner, B.W.C., Grana, Helios, Moeris, Helma, Siegerin, Vogele, Zentra, Laco, Stowa ,Wempe, IWC, A. Lange & Sohne, Hanhart, Glashutte.

Wehrmacht issued WWII wrist watches were manufactured by many Swiss and German watch makers contracted by the German government. They are manually wound and most often have screw-on stainless steel case backs, are/were shock/water resistant and had a nickel plated brass (sometimes steel) watch case. The dial face was black with luminous (radium, long faded) numbers and hands with a sub seconds dial. Variations will be encountered including snap-on case backs for the German made watches. The watch case diameter will range about 34mm.

A common interpretation of the 'D' code is that it stands for Dienstuhr "Service Watch" taken together 'DH would mean Service Watch Army (Heer). Soldier's pay book records indicate that the 'D code referred to the service branch that contracted for the watches. There is evidence that 'DH coded watches were also issued to Luftwaffe personnel and possibly other service organizations.DH: Dienstuhr Heer D: Dienstuhr Luftwaffe DRGM: Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster

RLM: Reichsluftfahrtministerium KM: Kriegsmarine DU: Dienstuhr (Verwaltung). 'DH code, stainless steel & water proof markings. REVUE Sport and PHENIX (Swiss) Wehrmacht issue watches. 1930's (Swiss) Luftwaffe aviator.Wehrmacht issued GERMAN made watches did NOT have these 'D' codes, some German made watches for the Navy (KM, M or anchor) and Luftwaffe 'FI' (Flight) or 'RLM' (Reich Air Ministry) were coded. Imported contract watches were required to have these markings in order to facilitate contract documentation (the Wehrmacht excelled at record keeping). It is commonly felt that the GERMAN watch makers were not required to use D codes since they were closely regulated and inspected by the German Government as a matter of course.

During the 30's (German re-arming) many watches were procured ad hoc without the set pattern or DH codes that developed later; This is especially true of the early Luftwaffe "aviator" watches where different patterns were purchased during the 20's and 30's. These "old timers'' were issued by the Luftwaffe to their pilots throughout WWII. At the beginning of the mission the watches would be issued to the flight personnel and then be RETURNED to the unit upon the completion of the mission. The issuing unit was responsible for maintaining and adjusting these valuable timepieces; these watches were never intended for "off mission" personal use.

Towards the end of the war (and the decline of the Wehrmacht) specifications were often eased or ignored in order to meet the immediate needs of the Wehrmacht. Without a doubt, uncounted tens of thousands of timepieces that served the Wehrmacht during WWII cannot be documented due to their being obtained outside the more "formal" channels.

There is no warranty for this watch and returns for a non-working watch will not be honored. Please note all watches are wound and tested then recorded on video before shipment. We are not in the watch repair business- ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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