Original German WWII Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Matrosenobergefreiter Tunic with Badge

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an excellent example of a WW2 German Army Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Matrosenobergefreiter (Seaman 2nd Class) tunic. This beautiful tunic is nearly untouched. The tunic itself is made of a medium weight field gray/green wool. The front closes with five green painted Kriegsmarine Navy Anchor painted buttons. The attractive Naval breast eagle stitched to the chest in a fashion typical of wartime German tailor work. The collar tabs are correct for the rank and machine applied. The shoulder boards have embroidered crossed anchor and are neatly and tightly applied. Chevron on left shoulder is machine stitched and in excellent condition.

The exterior of this tunic is clean, retaining virtually all of the original wool nap, and showing no staining or fading. The cuffs feature hidden closure buttons. There are medal loops with an Original German WWII Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Badge by Funke & Brüninghaus, Lüdenscheid. This is a very nice example constructed of Zinc with exterior gilt wash on the surround, marked on the reverse L/56.

The inside of this Navy tunic is fully lined with cotton, as is typical. The interior of the M36 style dark green badge cloth collar has button for affixing a collar bind which is also included. Hidden belt hooks are also present. There are ink maker stamps on the interior that read: Fritz Schmitz & Co. PFORZHEIM 39 42 96 65 59.

Overall a fantastic condition Coastal Artillery Kriegs Marine Uniform tunic with an original badge that just by itself costs well over $400.

The Naval Artillery War Badge or War Badge for the Coastal Artillery (German: Kriegsabzeichen für die Marineartillerie) was a World War II German military decoration awarded to the crews of Kriegsmarine land-based marine artillery and anti-aircraft units. It was presented to personnel of coastal defense units, and anti-aircraft units. The award was instituted on 24 June 1941 by Grand Admiral Erich Raeder to reward the actions of both individuals and crew members. It was also awarded to those killed in action in said units.

The medal was designed by Otto Placzek of Berlin. It consists of an outer laurel wreath of oak leaves with the German Eagle at the top, displaying "down-swept" wings while clutching a swas (both gold in color). The central area featured a coastal artillery gun with the sea behind (in grey color). The early war version were made of bronze and later nickel.Inferior quality late-war versions were made of "pot or monkey metal". The medal was worn on the lower part of the left breast pocket of the naval service tunic.

Criteria for award
A crew could receive the award by achieving eight points:
- Two for downing an aircraft unassisted
- One for downing an aircraft assisted by another crew
- half a point for non-gun crew members, operating a searchlight, fire control, sound
locator or radio operator for aiding in the downing of aircraft

The badge was issued in a single degree only.
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