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Original German WWII Karabiner 98k Stock Set with Flat Butt Plate & 25mm Bolt Hole (No Fitting) - Worn Markings - K98k

Item Description

Original Items: Very Few Available. In 1935 the German military introduced the K98k bolt action rifle or Karabiner 98 Kurz, as a replacement for the older GEW98 or Gewehr 98. The first examples had more in common with their predecessor than later examples, such as the rear sling attachment, which started out the same as the GEW98 fitting, but then was switched to a slot in the butt stock. The very first examples also had a cup butt plate, which had a storage compartment inside, which was replaced with a flat type.

The stocks originally had been made from single pieces of wood, but from 1937 onwards they switched to laminated wood, as a result of trials that had stretched through the 1930s. Plywood laminates are stronger and resisted warping better than the conventional one-piece patterns, did not require lengthy maturing, and were cheaper. These were usually made from walnut and beech laminate, but sometimes elm was used. The stocks originally had flat butt plates, but after 1940 they switched to cup butt plates without a storage compartment, which helped keep the stocks from delaminating.

These stock sets are the type produced from 1937 to 1940 during the pre-war and early war period, with laminated wood and flat butt plates. Each has a complete lower stock and handguard, as well as a nose cap / bayonet fitting, receiver strengthening bolt, and butt plate. They also feature the smaller 25mm holt through the butt stock for a fitting that aided in bolt disassembly in the field during cleaning. Please note that the bolt disassembly fittings have been removed from these examples.

These generally will have serial number and other markings, but due to wear and cleaning their German Waffenamt and maker markings have been worn away.

These are all in very nice service used condition and ready to help put your sporterized k98k back right. Measures 39 1/2 in overall length.

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