Original German WWII Italian Made I Fallschirmkorps M43 Hat Pin with Paper Packet

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Original Item: Only One Available. This badge is very interesting. Produced in Italy by the G. Bregonzio factory in Milan in 1944 on behalf of the Oberkommando der Heeresgruppe C (the German military command of the Italian theater of war) led by the Feldmarschall Albert Kesselring, the "kappenabzeichen" (cap badge) was intended for the feldmutze of the members of the I. Fallschirmkorps. As proof of this, there is a photo taken in October 1944 on the southern front that portrays Kesselring together with Marshal Graziani and in which this badge worn by Kesselring is clearly visible on the left side of his M43 feldmutze.

Constructed in the shape of a stylized parachute with enamel front in the colors of the German flag: black, white and red. The reverse has a classic safety pin typical of the Italian badges of the era. Overall condition is excellent, with just a bit of tarnish, and is accompanied by the original paper bag packet.

It is not known exactly how many of these badges were produced and distributed to the I.Fallschirmkorps paratroopers.

The command on the Italian theater of war was assumed by Kesselring on November 21, 1943. Its tasks were fixed in the defense of the front on the Gaeta-Ortona line, the defense of the coasts and the fight against the partisan formations, whose action was then still limited to north eastern Italy. The OB Südwest command remained the main German command structure in Italy until the Liberation. Albert Kesselring command ended on 10 March 1945 and was replaced by General Heinrich Vietinghoff-Scheel.

The headquarters of the command of Kesselring was in the summer of 1943 in Frascati, then in the base of Monte Soratte until the first days of June 1944, then in Monsummano, near Montecatini, until mid-July. Later it was taken to Sant’Andrea Bagni near Parma and, from the second half of September onwards, to Recoaro.

The I. Fallschirmkorps was established in January 1944 using the II. Army Corps of the Luftwaffe (Generalkommando II. Luftwaffen-Feldkorps) previously employed on the eastern front (Panzer-Armeeoberkommando 3). Following the landing allied to Anzio / Nettuno, the staff and its organic units were transferred to that area with the task of detecting the command of the troops deployed in the northern sector of the bridgehead since the XI. Fliegerkorps. The commander was the General der Fallschirmtruppe Alfred Schlemm. Decorated with "Ritterkreuz dees Eisern Kreuze" (Knight Cross of the Iron Cross) was wounded on March 20, 1945 and transferred to the OKL reserve (Oberkommando des Luftwaffe) until 8 May when he was captured by the British and remained in captivity until 22 March 1948.

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