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Original German WWII Inert Panzerfaust 100 Anti-Tank Rocket with Launcher - Replica Label & Markings

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Panzerfaust 100 gross ("large") or Faustpatrone (Translated literally to mean: Tank Fist Large) was the fourth version of the Panzerfaust. This was the final version produced in quantity, and was completed in September 1944. However, it did not reach full production until November 1944. It had a nominal maximum range of 100 m (330 ft). 190 g (6.7 oz) of propellant launched the warhead at 60 m (200 ft) per second from a 6 cm (2.4 in) diameter tube. The sight had holes for 30, 60, 80 and 150 m (260 and 490 ft), and had luminous paint in them to make counting up to the correct one easier in the dark. This version weighed 6 kg (13 lb) and could penetrate 220 mm (8.7 in) of armor. This model was only produced for a few months before the war ended, so they are quite rare in ANY condition, even more so in this nice collectible state.

This ingenious throw away Rocket and Launcher was one of AH's last ditch weapons adopted by the NSDAPs to try and repel the invading Allies on both the Eastern and Western fronts.

This example has been demilitarized according to specifications by the BATF, and was originally in "battlefield pickup" condition, which was somewhat delicate in areas. We can see a lot of past rust pitting on the rear sight and trigger, as well as on the warhead, which looks to have had some filler used on it. The launcher looks to have original paint, however the markings on it are definitely replicated, as they go right over areas where the paint has chipped. The warhead paint looks to be redone, and there is also a replica label attached to it.

The warhead looks to have had a brazed joint added between it and the fin assembly to prevent it from falling out, and thee fin assembly also has been glued into the launcher, making it impossible to remove. We checked down the launcher tube, and we can see no evidence that the fins are still present. We did however notice that there is an instruction pamphlet in German curled up in side. We do not know if this is an original or a reprint, but it definitely adds to the piece.

The trigger and rear sight are still present and move around, however they definitely did suffer some past oxidation before being refinished. Also please note the "charge retention screw" on the bottom of the launcher, which is about 7 inches closer to the rear than the trigger. If this was a Panzerfaust 60 m, they would be at the same location. Only with the 100 m with the larger charge was this screw 7 inches below the trigger.

This is a very rare example and your chance to own an original Panzerfaust 100 m inert launcher and rocket set! Ready to display!

Unloaded or dummy grenades, artillery shell casings, and similar devices, which are cut or drilled in an BATF-approved manner so that they cannot be used as ammunition components for destructive devices, are NOT considered NFA weapons.This example is in total compliance and is NOT AVAILABLE FOR EXPORT.

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