Original German WWII Hirschfänger Stag Handle Forestry Dress Cutlass with Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. In use for centuries, the German Hirschfänger (Deer Catcher) long hunting daggers have always made lovely display pieces, as well as military sidearms. Many of the early bayonets used by the various German States were based on the Hirschfänger design, which is both simple and elegant, almost a short sword in practical terms.

The Hunting and Forestry organizations under the German monarchy were often controlled by aristocrats and well-heeled businessmen. They were generally not organizations inhabited by the common man. The purposes were generally formed for the conservation of game and forestry. Elaborate hunts were great occasions for the well-heeled, while the ladies used the hunting lodges for match-making and gossip. The cutlasses of these Imperial organizations were often extremely ornate, or they could also be utilitarian, made to perform the final killing thrust on game. Both types were often owned by a single individual. Many examples were used strictly for dressing up the beauty of a hunting/forestry uniform.

This is a great WWII Era German Hirschfänger Stag Handled Long Shooting Cutlass, complete with scabbard. The hilt is fit with brass, with a slightly curved stag horn grip. It also has a lovely "S" shaped crossguard with the form of opposed Deer's hooves, very commonly seen on these shooting cutlasses. Unfortunately there is a small crack in the guard, on the back. There is also a scallop shell guard on one side, much like those seen on earlier "hunting sword pistols", which in this case actually looks quite like an actual scallop.

The blade does not feature any etching nor makers marks. The blade is still straight, free of damage and does have minor staining and surface rust. The blade is unsharpened and was generally intended for thrusting, to finish off their wounded catch.

The steel scabbard is fitted with brass and wrapped in a black leather, The brass has dulled and tarnished, giving it a lovely aged look. The leather is mostly retained with the original black finish, but does have some minor damage and small pieces missing.

A lovely German upmarket Hirschfänger from WWII. Ready to display!

Blade Length: 13"
Blade Style: Hirschfänger w/out Fuller
Overall length: 18 ½”
Crossguard: 3 ½”
Scabbard Length: 13 ⅝”

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